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How can a rear-end collision cause paralysis?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Many people think that a rear-end collision will just result in a fender bender or, at worst, a mild case of whiplash. In reality, your entire life can change if someone rear-ends you.

It does not take an extraordinary circumstance for a rear-end collision to cause a serious personal injury such as paralysis. You can mitigate your odds of a life-altering injury by knowing the risks and what to do if a severe crash occurs.

What can cause paralysis in a rear-end collision?

A particularly impactful crash from behind can cause a spinal fracture or tear in your lower back. Such an impact could be the result of a high-speed collision when another driver fails to notice that your vehicle is at a stop. It can also occur if a large vehicle, such as a truck or bus, strikes your smaller car.

What can you do if you receive a debilitating injury?

If you receive a devastating spinal cord injury that results in paralysis, you will have expensive medical bills that will pile up as a result of necessary long-term care. It is important that you pursue your due compensation so that you can maintain the best quality of life possible. Be aware that liable parties could include the other driver as well as any commercial companies involved in your crash.

There are few things as scary as the thought of a single accident altering your entire way of life. Paralysis can affect your ability to work and your overall livelihood. Knowing how to get the financial support you need if a catastrophic event occurs will help give you peace of mind.



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