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Can a remote doctor’s visit put you at risk?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Immigration |

When something feels off with your body, the first thing you likely do is make an appointment to see a doctor about your concerns.

More and more people are starting to schedule telehealth appointments in Florida, for reasons such as convenience, lower cost, and to prevent the spread of disease in public. But can these remote visits put your health at risk?

Risk of Misdiagnosis

During a telehealth visit, a doctor will usually refer a patient for in-person care if they believe the patient needs to get further treatment or a diagnostic test or is experiencing a medical emergency. However, there is the potential for doctors to miss something on the screen that they would not have missed if the patient were in front of them.

Reduced Accessibility

While telemedicine makes access to health care better for some people, such as those who do not drive, it reduces access for others. People who lack an internet connection at home, for example, potentially have fewer doctors available to them as more doctors begin to do remote appointments instead.

Doctor-Patient Relationship

When you see a doctor remotely, you run the chance of not being able to develop as good of a relationship as you would if you see the doctor in person. The doctor-patient relationship is important for helping the patient to feel understood and the doctor to learn what treatments the patient is more likely to respond to

While telehealth has many benefits, being aware of the risks can help you become a better advocate for your health during remote doctor’s visits and reduce the chance of a misdiagnosis.



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