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How will you manage a spinal cord injury following a car crash

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Vehicle crashes account for nearly half of all spinal cord injuries (SCI).

Although SCI is not always recognizable at the time of a traffic accident, the damage can be extensive. If diagnosed with SCI, what can you expect over time?

About the spinal cord

The spinal cord consists of nerves that transfer impulses from the brain to other parts of the body. SCI usually results from a violent blow to the spine, such as the impact of a vehicle crash. The level of severity depends on the location of the injury. Unfortunately, the spinal cord is unable to repair itself and if you suffer such an injury, you may have to manage lifelong repercussions.

Two types of SCI

There are complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries. With a complete injury, you would lose all feeling below the injury site. However, with an incomplete injury, some functioning below the injury site would still exist.


Certain symptoms of SCI, such as difficulty breathing, digestive problems or an intense tingling sensation usually need further examination for proper diagnosis. In addition to a physical exam, a doctor would likely order diagnostic tests to pinpoint the exact location of an injury and thus identify SCI. However, a spinal cord injury can also be serious enough to cause paralysis of the legs only, or of both arms and legs.

Recovery outlook

At the present time, there is no cure for SCI. If your case is severe, you face long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation to help you resume as normal a life as possible. Treatment may include the use of neural prosthetic devices and medication to assist with nerve cell regeneration. As a car crash victim, you have the right to expect compensation to cover your current and future medical expenses, loss of income and more.



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