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Hemodialysis mishaps may constitute medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

If someone you love has advanced kidney disease, hemodialysis may be a major part of your life. After all, this technology performs the same function as healthy kidneys. Like with any major medical procedure, though, hemodialysis mishaps may put your loved one’s health or even his or her life in jeopardy.

Even though hemodialysis may be essential for managing kidney disease, your friend or relative can expect to experience a number of adverse side effects. Medical errors should not add to these. Regrettably, there are many ways a hemodialysis provider can make mistakes.

Failing to monitor

During hemodialysis, a patient’s body temperature and blood pressure may drop to unsafe levels. To keep patients safe, hemodialysis providers should closely monitor patients. Unfortunately, in congested dialysis centers, staffing shortages may unnecessarily put patients at risk.

Using improper equipment

Nurses and others hemodialysis providers should use the proper equipment for each patient’s needs. Using improperly sized needles or unsterile equipment may be dangerous. Remember, because hemodialysis patients often have weakened immune systems, they are often particularly vulnerable to injury from improper equipment.

Administering medication incorrectly

Before, during and after hemodialysis, patients often require prescription medication. If a dialysis nurse does not check drug interactions, a patient may respond poorly to administered drugs. Even worse, administering too much medication may result in a deadly overdose.

You should be able to trust the professionals at the dialysis center to abide by hemodialysis standards. Ultimately, if something goes wrong, you and your loved one may be eligible for substantial financial compensation.



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