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What is a T visa, and am I eligible?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Immigration |

There are multiple visas available for people hoping to obtain permanent or semi-permanent status in the United States. One of the more unusual visas is a T visa.

The United States government created the T visa in October of 2000. The T visa intends to combat human trafficking. According to the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, in the event that a third party trafficked you into the United States, the T visa can provide relief.

What are the benefits?

A T visa provides the bearer four years of lawful immigration status in the United States, including employment authorization for those years. It also gives the holder the chance to apply for lawful permanent residency if he or she meets other criteria.

Holders of T visas can also receive federal refugee benefits like cash assistance, job training and food stamps. In certain US states, holders of T visas are also eligible for public benefits. Holders of T visas can also serve as visa petitioners for other family members in the United States or other countries.

What are the requirements?

The individual must be a survivor of severe human trafficking, including sex or labor trafficking. The individual must also be present in the United States specifically due to this trafficking. The individual must be at risk of suffering extreme hardship if law enforcement removes him or her from the United States.

Unlike similar visas, there is not a hard requirement for individuals to assist law enforcement in the prosecution of the traffickers. A cooperation exemption exists for those who have experienced extreme trauma or are under 18.



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