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May I bail out an unregistered immigrant from detention?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Firm News |

The immigration detention facilities host numerous immigrants that are eligible for an immigration bond. Placing a bond means giving an amount of money that you will receive back if they show up at court and the U.S. Immigration authorities on specific dates. 

However, not everyone may receive this service. Some unregistered immigrants receive mandatory detentions if they have a criminal record. The initial bond by the immigration custom enforcement is $1500. It may be higher than that depending on the immigrant’s time and stay in the U.S., history of violence, family ties in the U.S., and employment history. 

Once the judge sets the initial bond amount, you may make an oral or written request to the judge to lower the amount. You may as well file a motion bond redetermination so that you may get a separate hearing where the judge will decide on the amount of the bond. However, for the judge to consider reducing the bond, there needs to be a circumstance of immigrant that changes. A good example would be if there were a charge against the immigrant in court, it needs to be in favorable terms to the immigrant. 

After the judge determines the final amount, anyone who is in the U.S., be it a family member, relative, or friend, may help to pay the bill. To make the payments, you need to visit the local ICE office and present your photo identification document together with your original social security card. You should also have personal information about the immigrant you want to bail out, such as the alien registration number, date of birth, and names. 

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