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Applying online for immigration requirements

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | US Immigration Law |

The internet has become an important part of the lives of most Americans. It’s used for many daily tasks and can make these tasks easier and quicker. 10 years ago almost everything was done through the mail which, these days, can now be done online. Immigration is one topic that has become more streamlined thanks to the internet.

Many immigrants in the Miami area and across the United States have found that the internet is a good way to file the necessary paperwork for immigration benefits. Over 1 million have now applied online using the online tools available at the Citizenship and Immigration Services website. The USCIS says that because so many people are using the online tools available, it has streamlined their operations and has achieved reduced wait times for certain immigration benefits.

There are many forms that are now available to fill out online. These include the application to replace a permanent resident card, the request for a hearing on a naturalization proceeding, naturalization application, replacement of naturalization document and application for certificate of citizenship, among others. The top forms filled out online are replacing a permanent resident card form and the application for U.S. citizenship. California, Texas and Florida were the top three states to use online forms.

Immigrants to the U.S. often have many questions as to how to go about obtaining and filling out the necessary immigration forms. It is important to receive accurate immigration information in order to make the right choices about what forms need to be filled out and submitted to the federal government..



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