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Students and business continue to migrate to Canada

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Employment Immigration |

There are many people in the Miami area who are from another country. There are many businesses in Miami and across the U.S. that depend on highly skilled foreign-born workers. Schools, also, welcome students from other countries. But, with recent immigration policy changes in the U.S., many companies and students are choosing to go to Canada instead.

Because of the more restrictive immigration policies that have been put in place by the U.S., going to Canada has become a better option, according to some people. Some say it has become more difficult for students to obtain the necessary visa and international students attending Canadian schools has increased by double digits in recent years. It has also been found that over 60% of employers are increasing their presence in Canada. Hiring professionals have stated that Canada’s immigration policies are more favorable for U.S. employers who are relying on these highly-skilled international employees to grow their business. U.S. companies continue to be frustrated with U.S. immigration policies and how they are hurting their business and have found that growing their business in Canada or opening satellite offices there can be helpful.

Companies and educational facilities in the U.S. have been frustrated with U.S. immigration policies lately, according to some reports. They depend on foreign students and workers, but have found it harder to have these workers enter the country. As the U.S. continues to implement policies that reportedly negatively affect immigrants it becomes more difficult for companies and educational institutions to find good candidates. It is important to understand the available immigration law options.



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