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Roofer dies after falling off apartment complex roof

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

When a Miami area resident goes to work each day, they expect they will return home that evening to their family. Most of the time this is what happens, but occasionally a tragic fatal workplace accident occurs. Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, including construction work. A recent accident in Clearwater has claimed the life of a roofer.

According to reports, a roofing crew member recently fell off the second-floor roof of an apartment building that he was working on at the Palms of Clearwater Apartments in Clearwater. The worker died from his injuries and Clearwater police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.

No one expects their loved one will die while they are on the job. But, unfortunately, many Miami area families have been affected by this type of tragedy. If a person’s family member was killed in a workplace accident, they may want to get more information about personal injury legal options. A family in this type of situation may now be facing thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses, along with the loss of an important source of income. It is important to investigate the cause of the accident and help determine what happened. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Employers in Florida need to understand the importance of a safe working environment. They have a duty to their employees to make sure they are provided with safety equipment and that everything is up to code. When a workplace accident occurs, the victim’s family may have the right to hold the employer responsible.



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