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E-Verify bill in Florida legislature has been stalled

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Employment Immigration |

Many residents of the Miami area are from another country. Immigration has been the backbone of the Miami economy for years. Immigrants understand that politics plays a role in immigration policy in the U.S. The Florida legislature has been working on immigration policy laws that affect many immigrants in the Miami area.

A bill that would require businesses to check the immigration status of their new hires has stalled. The bill that would require businesses to use E-Verify is not receiving a single hearing. It is believed that the E-Verify bills were swapped for bills that would ban sanctuary cities in Florida in a secret deal with some legislators. Legislative leaders are now fast-tracking the anti-sanctuary city deals through committee stops. Sanctuary cities are generally supported by immigration advocates who are protesting the legislation.

Those who are immigrants in the Miami area may find that politics dictate many of their daily interactions. Immigrants often have a difficult time with employment immigration issues and may also face discrimination in housing and other issues. It is important to understand how complicated the immigration system can be and how policies always seem to be changing. The key is to stay up-to-date on current immigration practices and issues. Many immigrants need help with obtaining the proper work visas staying compliant with immigration protocols.

Immigration laws in Florida are constantly changing due to the political climate. Immigrants can be confused by all of the policies and procedures, which is why getting the most accurate information matters.



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