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Miami republicans are against policy of separating families

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Family Immigration |

Every year immigrants arrive at the U.S. border seeking a better life. These immigrants are from all over Central and South America and believe the U.S. is where their family will be better off. It is hard to find fault with this logic, as the U.S. has always been the country where immigrants have worked hard to pull themselves up from their bootstraps and work hard to make sure future generations will have a better life. Recent family immigration policies have created havoc on the border.

As we reported in recent blog postings here and here, immigrant children are being taken from their parents at the border. This atrocity is happening because the administration is enforcing a policy where children are sent to centers and placed in cages while their parents are sent to adult enforcement centers. The administration has defended this policy by saying they are using it as a deterrent to illegal immigration while many senators and representatives, including Miami republicans are condemning this policy by saying it is cruel. There are reports of children as young as infants being separated from their parents. Republicans are asking that any other option be implemented in order to not separate families and are quickly working on an immigration bill that will end the separation.

When a person makes the decision to come to the United States, they often have family that they want to bring as well. Family immigration is common and there are many immigration options that a person can use to bring their family with them. There are numerous types of visas available depending on a person’s circumstances, including immediate family members, brothers and sisters, fiancées, etc. An attorney who specializes in immigration can help their client with their family immigration needs. An attorney understands how important it is to keep a family together and can help legally obtain the necessary visas to do so.

Separating families at the border is not a good way to enforce immigration policies. Immigrants are coming to the United States for a better life and it is important that they receive the legal help that they need.



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