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What qualifies as a specialty occupation for an H-1B visa?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Employment Immigration |

Individuals who wish to enter the United States and work in certain professional capacities must obtain visas that qualify them for the work they are hired to do. All throughout Miami, many people possess H-1B visas that permit them to remain in the country as they work in specialized fields. This post will generally explore what qualifies as a specialty occupation for an H-1B visa and how a person may fulfill the requirements of securing permission to work in the United States.

At its base, a specialty occupation must generally require an individual to have a degree in the field of employment in which they are hired to work. Having a degree in the given field must be common to the job of the person seeking the H-1B visa, or the employer seeking to hire the individual must generally require persons in such positions to hold degrees in the applicable field.

Individuals hired for specialty occupations often must have the requisite degree of the position for which they are hired in order to qualify for H-1B visas. Their degrees must come from the United States or their foreign degree must be equivalent to an American bachelor’s degree in the applicable field. If a person does not have a degree that qualifies them for the specialty occupation and necessary H-1B visa, then they may be able to qualify through their years of experience in the field and specialized knowledge.

Securing a visa to work in the United States in a specialty occupation can be an incredible opportunity for a person hoping to make the move to Florida or one of the other states. Attorneys who work in the employment immigration field can advise their clients on the proper steps to take to secure the right visas for their employment needs.



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