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Fatal accident numbers show distraction a major issue in Miami

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Wrongful Death |

The number of drivers who are operating their vehicles while distracted is a troublesome trend that is causing auto accidents with injuries and fatalities. Although state governments and law enforcement are trying to reduce its frequency, the number of fatalities on the road has risen by 14 percent since 2015 based on information from the National Safety Council. Miami is on the list of one of the cities with the highest incidences of distracted drivers in the U.S.

An app called DriveWell created by Cambridge Mobile Telematics is trying to reduce distractions on the road by educating drivers as to how often they take part in the practice. This app works in a smartphone’s background and senses when the phone is in the driver’s hand and the vehicle is moving. The app collected information for more than 1,300 drivers in Miami and found several streets in the city that are prone to distracted drivers. These neighborhoods have many residents and work areas.

Being distracted is found to be linked to the dangers of being in a crash. Personnel who help clean up after a crash say that many accidents are due to texting drivers. Law enforcement also says that they see many drivers who are distracted. Since Miami has so many tourists, visitors and pedestrians, there are a great many people at risk because of these behaviors. The company that created the app says that even states in which texting and driving is against the law still has drivers using their phones for an average of 3.17 minutes for every 100 miles they travel.

This information might seem random for those who do not text and drive, but this problem can cause injuries and death to many people. When there is a fatal car crash, the family left behind needs to be aware of how to pursue compensation for damages and the other issues that arise with the unexpected loss of a loved one. A lawyer will have experience in pursuing compensation through a wrongful death case after a fatal accident.

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