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Slip and fall incidents and premises liability cases

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | premises liability |

Accidents that occur on the property of others can be covered by the laws of premises liability. In Florida an injured party may have the right to sue the owner of a tract of land, building, or other type of property if that individual is hurt while visiting the relevant site. Though property-related accidents and injuries can occur in a number of ways, one common form of premises liability incident is a slip and fall case.

Slip and fall situations include any scenarios where a person slides, slips, trips, or otherwise is affected by the presences of an obstruction that results in an injury through the party falling or experiencing other traumas. Slip and fall incidents can occur indoors as well as outdoors, from wet floors within grocery stores to uneven or cracked pavement in the parking lots of shopping malls.

Prior posts on this Miami legal blog have discussed how a victim’s status may affect their ability to recover compensation in a premises liability case. For example, a trespasser on a parcel of property may have fewer rights to recovery than a party who was invited to enter onto the apparently dangerous premises. Individuals with questions about how their visitor status may impact their rights to recover in slip and fall cases are encouraged to speak with attorneys about their possible premises liability claims.

Slip and fall incidents can cause serious injuries to those who experience them. When a property owner fails to protect those who come onto their property by remedying or warning of dangerous conditions then that property owner may be liable for the financial losses the victims endured as a result of their accidents. Slip and fall cases are only one of many types of claims that fall under the broad category of premises liability law, and readers of this post are encouraged to seek their own counsel about specific issues related to this complex legal field.



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