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Employees in tech industry struggle with immigration issues

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2015 | Employment Immigration |

Many people who come to the U.S. for work do so in order to get a job in the technology industry. People from all over the world are sought after to come work in highly advanced tech jobs. Unfortunately, many of them face some difficult challenges in regards to their career, citizenship and family when they ultimately do get a job here.

The author of this article that appeared in TechCrunch recently called out some of these challenges that he has personally experienced, which may help other people anticipate some of the obstacles that lay ahead if they are currently trying to or have recently come to the U.S. for work in the tech industry.

One challenge is getting approved to come here in the first place. However, that is just the first step and many challenges can arise after that first hurdle.

After a person has comes to the U.S. for a job, he or she is required to comply with strict requirements depending on the type of visa he or she has. In some cases, people can be prohibited from moving to another company or starting up their own company, which can prove to be enormously frustrating in regards to a person’s professional goals and development.

You may also find it all but impossible to change your direction in life unless you are prepared to leave the U.S. or restart the process of working toward permanent residency. A person who has an employment-based visa and changes jobs, gets laid off or decides to pursue more education may be in violation of their current visa and have to start the process all over again.

These obstacles and challenges can put enormous strain on you and your family. Considering how much of your life may be dictated by rigid immigration and employment laws, you could find the frustration and anxiety of the process starts to take a toll on relationships with your loved ones.

While the author of the article notes that there are some ways to change this and make it easier for people in the technology industry to seek permanent residency, the fact is that the process is currently extremely complicated. Rather than risk making a decision that has drastic consequences, you may want to work with an attorney to avoid serious mistakes and hopefully minimize complications as you pursue permanent residency.



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