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What are some statistics about accidents in Florida?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There are yearly facts and figures released by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department, and they can be of great help understanding the reason accidents, whether motorcycle or car accidents, take place in the state. The most recent report, which is for 2013, discusses several key facts about traffic accidents and investigations in Florida. By looking at these facts, you can get a better idea of why accidents take place and how much risk there is for you on the roads.

According to the chart provided by the department, there are over 18 million vehicles registered in Florida. 15.4 million people have licenses to drive there, so that means that at least some people in the state have two vehicles or more per person.

When it comes to crashes, 2,402 people were killed in 2013. In total, 474 of those deaths were confirmed as being caused by alcohol. Another 859 deaths were suspected to have been a result of drunk driving.

Teen drivers also caused thousands of wrecks. A total of 36,179 crashes took place with a teen behind the wheel, and 46 teenage passengers were killed in these accidents.

Out of a total of 316,943 accidents, troopers investigated 105,230 of them, carrying 33 percent of the workload following an accident. These same troopers were also responsible for 114,996 commercial vehicle inspections, helping reduce commercial vehicle accidents on the roads.

The Florida Highway Patrol reportedly issued 22 percent of the over 3.9 million traffic tickets in Florida in 2013, too. Looking at that, with millions of people breaking the law while on the roads, it’s clear that at least some accidents are going to be caused by negligent drivers.

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