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Does your firm’s success hinge on employment immigration?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | Employment Immigration |

Employment immigration is a critical resource for many Floridian firms. Companies use it to add talent to their workforces, gain fiscal benefits and explore vital new modes of operation. It’s critical that your firm employs employment immigration correctly in order to derive the results you desire while avoiding the negative consequences of failing to stay compliant with the law.

Part of our mission is to disabuse you of the notion that employment immigration is a simple road to corporate riches. While it bears significant potential, you must learn not only to observe the laws that govern you but also select the best kind of employment immigration program or status for your firm and its employees. Choosing from the extensive range of visa classifications is not to be taken lightly; for instance, certain visa category holders may have to go through extra steps to petition for permanent residency status. In the end, it’s essential to consider your future needs as well as your current motivations.

Our team is composed of lawyers who have extensive familiarity with immigration laws, the visa preparation and filing processes, and the legal rights of those who come to this country. We’ve done everything from arguing landmark cases before the United States Supreme Court to assisting those who simply needed clarification on technical matters. As a result, Kurzban Kurzban Weinger Tetzeli and Pratt P.A. is ideally situated to guide you through immigration law so that you and your workers can all benefit.

Your application of employment immigration practices will become an intrinsic part of your future success and corporate growth. Discover more about how to leverage the law effectively by visiting our employment immigration page or contacting us directly with your questions.

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