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United States deporting fewer immigrants

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2014 | US Immigration Law |

Individuals in Florida who wish to remain permanently in the United States may be interested to learn that deportation numbers are dropping. In 2014, the fewest number of immigrants since at least 2007 will be deported from the country. This will be the case despite the fact that President Obama is delaying until after the November 2014 elections the implementation of policies that could lead to even fewer deportations.

From October 2013 through July 2014, deportations occurred at a rate 20 percent lower than the previous year and 25 percent lower than the year before that. The total number of immigrants who have been deported since President Obama began his presidency is more than 2 million, but he says that immigration reform is on its way. Some of that reform has already taken place. Since 2011, the administration has focused on deporting criminals or individuals who may be a threat to national security. The court system has become so backlogged that it can take several years for an deportation order to become final for individuals who are not in these categories.

The rise of individuals crossing the border from Central American countries instead of Mexico has had an effect as well because deporting them has become more complex logistically. Temporary holding facilities are overwhelmed, and officials sometimes allow immigrants into the country who are then instructed to visit authorities later.

Because immigration laws are currently in flux, individuals who wish to immigrate to the United States may find an attorney helpful. Minors, individuals who are at risk in their own countries, individuals with family members in the country and other categories may have certain avenues for immigration, and those categories may continue to expand in the year ahead.

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