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Florida crash results in the injury of 2, death of 1

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Imagine being stuck in traffic, knowing that a semi was coming at you and not stopping. Your crash could be the cause of serious injuries, if not fatal wounds. That’s what has happened in this case in Florida.

One person was recently killed in a crash involving a semi-truck close to Ellington, Florida. The crash involved multiple vehicles, and several people were injured. The crash happened on Interstate 71, reports state.

The accident happened when the semi-truck driver, headed north on I-71, failed to slow or stop for stopped traffic ahead of him. At that point, the truck slammed into a 2005 Ford van from behind, causing it to lose control. The van was spun around and then slammed into the concrete barrier on the shoulder of the west side of the highway.

After hitting the van, the semi went on to hit another vehicle, a 1998 Lincoln Navigator. That car caught on fire after being stuck, resulting in the driver dying. Another vehicle, a 2014 Ford Fusion, was also side-swiped in the accident, leading to the vehicle having to stop on the east shoulder of the road. The semi didn’t stop there; two more vehicles including a 2003 Windstar and 2008 Highlander, were also hit. Finally, the semi stopped beyond the wreckage.

Two people, the driver of the semi and the passenger in the Ford van, had to be treated for serious injuries as a result of the crash. Unfortunately, the driver of the Lincoln Navigator was unable to be identified, a report from the 25th claims, so his or her name and age hasn’t been released despite his or her death.

Source: Bay News 9, “One killed in I-75 crash involving semi-truck near Ellenton” Aug. 25, 2014



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