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August 2014 Archives

Lawsuits for birth injuries and birth defects

Florida parents whose children were injured during birth or who have a birth defect may be interested in filing a medical malpractice suit. Individuals who file such a suit have several criteria they must prove in order to be successful with a case like this.

Veterans Affairs doctors must report medical malpractice

Recently, a news report stated that the Department of Veterans Affairs doctors had been reminded that if they don't report medical malpractice, they could face losing their licenses. Supposedly, many doctors have been under the impression that they don't have to report medical malpractice, since the VA covers them in most situations.

Florida hospital liability issues and the EMTALA

Inability to pay may be a concern for an individual seeking urgent medical attention in a Florida facility, but the nation's Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act was passed in 1986 to address this concern so that people would not need to fear being turned away. At the time, there were numerous reports of situations involving people with serious conditions being turned away due to a lack of insurance or finances. Because of the legislation, hospitals with emergency rooms and participating in Medicare must take certain actions when a person seeks treatment.

What is dual citizenship?

Many Florida residents may desire to hold citizenship in the U.S. and another country. While the United States does not formally recognize dual citizenship, a Florida resident can still seek seek citizenship without any negative consequences.

E-2 visa may help foreign investors to immigrate quickly

Foreign business owners wishing to move to Florida or any other state in the union may be able to do so with an E-2 visa. Although employment immigration is often a difficult prospect, the E-2 visa makes moving the whole family to the United States relatively simple for those with sufficient means. Individuals who are able to make a business investment of about $200,000 can usually receive a 5-year E-2 visa in a few months time.

Marijuana a cause of car accidents? It's a debate in Florida

There has been an ongoing debate about the legalization of marijuana and the potential for drugged driving. Now, Florida has gotten into the argument with a group called, "Don't Let Florida Go To Pot." The coalition is a group of over 40 organizations that are fighting against the medical marijuana amendment, because it claims that the drug could be implicated in up to a fourth of all fatal car accidents.

Useful facts about medical professionals

Individuals in Florida should keep in mind that when they are under a doctor's care, there are several things to watch out for. One is medication errors. These rise by 10 percent in July when new residents arrive in hospitals, but individuals should always question medical personnel if instructions about medication do not seem right.

Florida motorcyclist killed by wrong-way driver

Because of the almost certain accident that awaits those who travel the wrong way on Florida roads, one woman has chosen to start an online petition to the governor for a better way to prevent such actions. Suggestions have included spikes or bigger, more visible signs.

Children crossing the U.S. border strain resources

Extreme poverty and gang violence in Central America, mainly in Honduras and Guatemala, is driving many desperate children to attempt to enter the United States from Mexico. Many of them have family in the United States and several groups are now working overtime to help reunite these children with their families and help with immigration petitions.

Florida family unable to sue doctor for wrongful death

The family of an 81-year-old Florida woman who died at Mercy Hospital in 2010 from pancreatic cancer believes that her doctor of 11 years knew about the cancer two years prior to telling her about it. According to the family, the doctor noticed a tumor during an image test, failed to tell the woman about it until 2010 and then altered the records to cover up his mistake.

Entrepreneurial opportunities for immigrants

Florida could be a destination for immigrants who invest at least $500,000 in order to take part in the EB-5 investor visa program. Through this program, immigrants have the opportunity to set up businesses that create at least 10 jobs in economically struggling areas. They will be granted conditional permanent residency status and can bring immediate family members with them.

Medical mistakes lead to third-most deaths in Florida, elsewhere

Back in 2009, a pilot was said to be a hero when he landed his plane on the Hudson River, saving hundreds of lives. That pilot has now been speaking out again, focusing on safety in other areas, and he is using the idea of air travel to do it.

Contradicting diagnoses can be just as bad as a failed diagnosis

Most people know that failing to diagnosis a medical condition can be problematic because it can delay treatment, causing a person's condition to deteriorate faster than if they were receiving proper medical care. But few realize that contradicting diagnoses can be just as damaging as a misdiagnosis or failed diagnosis.

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