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Officer’s wife sues for his death during Florida motorcade

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you lose a loved one in a motorcycle accident that isn’t his or her fault, then you may know that you could potentially sue for compensation. In this case, that’s exactly what one Florida police officer’s widow is doing. According to the May 28 report, the officer was killed in a motorcade that was used while the president was visiting the area. He suffered his injuries when he was struck while keeping traffic off Interstate 95.

The lawsuit was filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, and the woman is blaming the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for her husband’s injuries and death. She believes that the agency did not have a plan for the motorcade that was clear, and if it had, then the man wouldn’t have been struck by a vehicle.

The officer was trying to prevent a woman from driving onto I-95 at 45th Street when he was killed. According to the story, he had been traveling south on I-95 with his emergency lights on. He approached the 45th Street entrance ramp, crossed three lanes and then went onto the ramp to stop traffic. He entered the roadway at an approximated 5 mph.

The reports about the incident claim that the woman had entered the same entrance ramp going around 60 mph. Her truck left skid marks, likely from braking before hitting the motorcyclist. However, she was cleared of any wrongdoing, according to the news report. The officer was struck, despite his sirens, and killed.

The man’s wife is seeking compensation from the sheriff’s department. Reports have not said how much she is seeking. She has sought an unspecified amount for herself, her grandson and the couple’s daughter.

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