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Florida’s ‘Pothead Princess’ denies memory of fatal crash

On Behalf of | May 2, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A young woman who was involved in a fatal accident in Florida has referred to herself in the past as a “Pothead Princess” on her social media sites. Now, she has stated that her memories of the crash are gone. She does not remember what happened that led to the death of two other people on the interstate.

Before the crash, the woman had gone out with some of her co-workers to get a drink. Her reported blood alcohol level, taken after the accident, was 0.15. She even posted on one social media site that she was “2 drunk 2 care” before the incident occurred, though she says that she had been involved in a fight with her boyfriend and that the post was aimed at him.

After leaving the gathering with her co-workers, she got onto the Sawgrass Expressway, but she got onto the wrong lanes. She was driving the wrong direction when she crashed into another car with two people in it, killing both of them. She was injured to the point that she can no longer walk.

However, in an interview that she did with a television station, she said that she had no memory of it all.

Individuals on the highway have a right to be able to drive without worrying about drunk drivers, but these accidents still occur very frequently. When someone is killed as a result, this means that the family then has the right to look into a wrongful death lawsuit. This can never make the emotional pain go away, but it can help with the financial losses the family must incur.

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