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Car accidents hurt pedestrians in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Florida is beautiful at almost any time of year, and there are always those who enjoy bicycling or riding motorcycles in the sun. Unfortunately, these individuals could be involved in serious accidents on the road that could hurt or kill them. Car accidents are one of the few things that can seriously hurt pedestrians on the roads, and they usually can be avoided simply by having drivers pay better attention.

According to a report from Feb. 2, one elderly man had to be rushed to the hospital for his injuries after he was hit by a vehicle in Coral Springs. The man was riding near the Sawgrass Expressway and State Road 7 when the accident happened, and the Coral Springs Fire Rescue team reported that he had serious injuries from the impact. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the only accident involving pedestrians on the roads lately in Florida.

Although drivers have been told to watch the roads and to stop using hand-held devices to text or perform other actions while driving, distractions still happen. Sometimes, drivers don’t want to deal with the consequences, like a 41-year-old man who allegedly ran over a person, hurt a firefighter, and still tried to flee the scene. According to that story, the man had tried to flee after one of the ATV drivers in his group was involved in an accident.

While the injured ATV driver was being seen to by the rescue team, the other ATV driver tried to flee, according to the news, along with others in his group. At that point, he lost control and hit the already injured man. Driving an ATV on the streets is illegal in Florida, which could account for why the other ATV drivers had tried to leave the scene. In the end, the 41-year-old hit a firefighter and hurt the already injured driver being treated, but he still tried to run on foot. He was apprehended, fortunately.

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