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Two students killed in pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Two engineering students at the University of Miami were killed on Oct. 16 while trying to cross the street. The accident happened in front of the students’ apartment complex at the intersection of Kendall Drive and 68th Court. The two students had crossed five lanes of traffic before they were struck and killed only five feet from the curb. They both died immediately after being hit in the fatal accident.

The students were hit by a woman who was driving a Porsche. Police are still investigating the accident, but reports indicate that they believe the woman was driving carelessly at the time of the accident. After hitting the students, she drove a block before stopping. She has not been charged with a crime, but that could change pending the outcome of the investigation.

In addition to facing criminal charges, the woman could also face civil litigation from the victims’ families. Family members who lose loved ones in accidents caused by another driver’s carelessness, negligence or recklessness may pursue damages for their loss, any financial hardship they have suffered and their pain and suffering.

An attorney with wrongful death and pedestrian accident experience could help families who have experienced a similar loss determine whether to pursue litigation. The attorney could examine the accident and recommend which party is liable and to what extent. The attorney could then prepare a case for court by collecting evidence, reviewing police records and interviewing witnesses. In the event of a settlement, the attorney could negotiate on behalf of the family to obtain the maximum possible compensation.

Source: NBC 6, “2 University of Miami Engineering Students Struck and Killed by Car Remembered at Makeshift Memorial“, Christina Hernandez |, October 26, 2013



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