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October 2013 Archives

Two students killed in pedestrian accident

Two engineering students at the University of Miami were killed on Oct. 16 while trying to cross the street. The accident happened in front of the students' apartment complex at the intersection of Kendall Drive and 68th Court. The two students had crossed five lanes of traffic before they were struck and killed only five feet from the curb. They both died immediately after being hit in the fatal accident.

4 survivors of Haitian boat accident released

Florida residents may have heard about a group of Haitian citizens who were on a boat that sank eight miles off the shore of Miami on Oct. 16. Four of the 15 passengers on the 25-foot boat, all women, drowned when the boat sank. The 11 survivors were rescued by authorities and taken into custody by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Immigration overhaul unlikely in 2013

In news that may be of interest to people in Florida, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's top lobbyist has said he believes that a new immigration law has little or no chance of being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives until early next year. He stated that fiscal and other issues will likely force immigration matters to take a back seat as most lawmakers appear to be unwilling to take on a topic that has proven to be quite divisive.

Judge's negativity results in new trial

An appeals court has granted a woman a new trial in her civil case because the lower court judge jotted down a negative note about her during the trial. The higher court determined that his musings indicated bias against her during the medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor who allegedly damaged her ureter during surgery, which required her to need an external urine bag for three months. The ruling meant that she will have the right to a new jury trial and a new judge in the medical malpractice case.

States lose enthusiasm for immigration limitations

Florida citizens and employers are part of a nationwide trend away from enthusiasm for the onerous and complicated citizenship processes and immigrant crackdowns. Farmers are having crops go to waste in the fields because they cannot find enough employees to pick them. State guest worker programs have been suspended in their development as concerned groups waited in vain for guidance from Washington. Although the restart of the American government has put immigration reform back as one of the top priorities for Congress, there has been little movement yet and no way to predict what will happen next.

Driver crashes through three yards, hitting fences and sunbather

According to neighbors and authorities, a Florida woman drove her Mercedes-Benz through three residential yards, crashed into fences and struck a neighbor out sunbathing before her car came to rest against her own house. The sunbather was listed in serious condition after being taken to a nearby Medical Center. Later, her condition grew worse, and she was down-graded to critical condition.

Proposed immigration reform on Oct. 2 brings optimism

Optimism is high among bipartisan lawmakers that on Oct. 2, an agreement could be reached regarding immigration reform, in spite of the recent government shutdown. House Democratic Caucus members are expected to be announcing immigration reform plans, but there is little likelihood that House Republican leaders will agree with their plans.

Fatal 4-car crash occurs in Florida

A crash involving four cars occurred in Southwest Miami-Dade County on the morning of Sept. 29. The accident happened at almost 10 a.m. where Southwest 117th Avenue and Southwest 72nd Street intersect. Two cars were traveling north on Southwest 117th Avenue when two other cars were stopped at a red light on the avenue.

Police charge man in fatal May accident

Authorities said a Miami man who left the scene of a car crash and then caused another turned himself in. They issued a warrant for his arrest a few days earlier. The charges he faces from the fatal accident include vehicular homicide, driving under the influence-manslaughter, DUI-serious bodily injury and four counts of DUI-property damage, plus leaving the scene of an accident from the first incident.

University of Miami welcomes variety of voices on immigration law

The University of Miami recently offered a class called Immigration Reform: The Current Debate, featuring four professors with big differences in background and perspective. School administrators said that the class was being offered to show that there were different practical and academic perspectives in the continuing battle over immigration law. One UM official said that universities tended to approach these kinds of issues from one viewpoint, and the school wanted to show that it was willing to present more than just the sympathetic side of the argument based on its location.

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