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Proposed immigration reform on Oct. 2 brings optimism

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2013 | US Immigration Law |

Optimism is high among bipartisan lawmakers that on Oct. 2, an agreement could be reached regarding immigration reform, in spite of the recent government shutdown. House Democratic Caucus members are expected to be announcing immigration reform plans, but there is little likelihood that House Republican leaders will agree with their plans.

During this week’s three-day conference held by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, members discussed immigration policy along with the House and Senate panel. An immigration reform bill was passed by the Senate this summer; however, it hasn’t gone anywhere with the House. Members of the House have instead been working on numerous bills that would address particular immigration topics individually.

Rallies, protests, vigils and more are expected on Oct. 5 as the issues start becoming the main focal point and the country starts supporting immigration reform legislation that could offer 11 million immigrants, mostly Latino, a clear way to acquiring citizenship. According to one representative, almost two million people have been deported since the beginning of Obama’s presidency, leaving millions of destroyed and separated families and children without parents.

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