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How close is American to immigration reform?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2013 | US Immigration Law |

As readers of our blog probably already know, immigration reform has been on the minds of the nation since even before the presidential election. And with the futures still unknown for more than 1.6 million unauthorized migrants living in the United States at this time, it’s a topic that have a dramatic impact on so many people. But where is Congress at with immigration reform and will Americans see change anytime soon?

While some critics have scoffed at the supposition that we could see the new immigration bill passed some time soon, others are still hopeful that the “Gang of Eight” can sway those opposed to see the benefits this bill could have on the nation.  Immigration law reform could be just around the corner, provided final decisions can be made before it stalls out completely.

Currently, there are approximately 300 amendments that have been made to the original immigration reform bill.  Some residents here in Florida have wondered if that number will rise before a decision is made.  Truth be told, there is a lot of contention in Congress as political emotions run high.  While liberals feel that their ideas are being ignored, conservatives feel that they are being attacked for being cautious.  Some politicians, such as our own Marco Rubio, have decided to split the difference and meet everyone in the middle.

While some people across the nation feel that there might not be a way to meet in the middle on this issue, others such as Rubio are hopeful that Congress can see the outweighing benefits that this reform can bring to the nation.  As some experts have pointed out already, this bill not only helps immigrants but the nation as a while as well.

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