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Florida man killed in motorcycle collision

On Behalf of | May 10, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A recent accident involving a motorcycle and two vehicles has resulted in the death of the motorcyclist with no injuries reported to the drivers of the other two vehicles. The motorcycle accident occurred at an intersection that is managed by automated traffic signals.

According to the police report, the first automobile and the motorcycle were traveling in opposite directions as they approached the intersection. The driver of the automobile was approaching the intersection with the intent to turn left and did so as the traffic light turned yellow.

The motorcyclist traveled through the intersection with a green light and struck the first automobile on the passenger side, sustaining injuries from which he later died. The first automobile continued traveling through the intersection, striking another car before coming to a stop.

Charges filed, if any, against any of those involved in this accident are not disclosed. According to personal injury lawyers, liability issues that may arise from an accident such as this are many. Questions may arise as to whether any of the drivers were impaired or distracted, whether the traffic light was functioning properly and if there were mechanical problems with any of the involved vehicles.

Personal injury lawyers are accustomed to cases such as this that may seem simple on the surface but may have additional contributing factors that merit consideration if the decision is made by injured parties to seek damages. There are a number of avenues that may be pursued by such lawyers who know how and where to investigate to determine the amount of relief that may be sought by those injured parties.

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