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Family visas and immigration reform

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2013 | Family Visas |

The former governor of Florida once stated that to increase work-based immigration, family-based immigration will have to be reduced to avoid an increase in the number of immigrants overall. Since many members of Congress and the United States Senate seem to share that sentiment, family visas may be more difficult to come by with the anticipated passing of an immigration reform package.

It seems that politicians would like to encourage individuals with advanced degrees to stay in the United States, and the policy behind the guest-worker package program is intended to guide these individuals to U.S. Citizenship. Whether this will ultimately come at the price of reducing the number of families allowed in is yet to be determined, but it will be greatly dependent upon whether legislators are willing to increase the number of immigrants already allowed into the country.

What this may mean is that attorneys assisting families in applying for the family visas will have to approach the matter diplomatically. The point can be made that granting certain family visas can at the same time benefit local economies. Also, arguments can be made that there would be a certain unfairness in not allowing in relatives that applied for family visas prior to the reform measures being implemented.

In any case, attorneys experienced in the immigration area do understand the options available for immigrants that are already related to U.S. citizens, and options for family members of permanent residents in the United States. These attorneys understand the categories of visas and will pursue every avenue to meet a family’s individual needs.

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