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Man who lost leg helping crash victims sues

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Any car crash can lead to serious injuries. Indeed, the danger doesn’t necessarily end after the vehicles stop moving. Injured people and damaged vehicles on the road create a hazard, and sometimes a good Samaritan can be endangered while trying to assist victims.

Such circumstances led to a man losing a leg Oct. 29 at the scene of a car accident in Boynton Beach. Now the man is suing the driver of the car that police say crashed into wreckage and resulted in the man losing his leg.

No charges had been reported filed by police as of this post. Police indicated the investigation continued. According to eyewitnesses and Boynton Beach Police, the 36-year-old father of four stopped after seeing two pickup trucks collide on the night in question.

He found one driver to be OK, but the other was bleeding from the head, and his vehicle was smoking. The rescuer pulled the 26-year-old driver out of the truck.

According to a statement by the injured driver, that’s when a sports car approached the scene and smashed into the wreckage. Police say the impact severed the rescuer’s right leg and broke his left foot.

An attorney for the amputee says the accident means a complete life change for the man and his family. He had been the family’s sole source of income until this tragedy. What the future holds is too early to even predict. That may be why the suit doesn’t specify a damage amount.

Source: SunSentinel.com, “Father who lost leg helping crash victim files lawsuit,” Brett Clarkson, Oct. 31, 2012



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