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Florida doctor named in wrongful death suit in 2010 killing

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2012 | Wrongful Death |

Doctors are expected to exercise sound judgment when treating patients. Unfortunately, despite years of medical training, some doctors make errors in judgment that lead to fatal consequences. A Fort Meyers, Florida, doctor is currently being sued by the mother of a woman who was killed in May 2010.

The wrongful death suit alleges the doctor gave the 24-year-old woman medication the night she died and then released her from care. The mother feels that the doctor’s actions contributed to her daughter’s death. The young woman was a prostitute and allegedly had gone to the doctor’s home after fleeing from another man’s home earlier.

According to the mother’s attorney, the doctor allegedly told neighbors that the young woman was in a panicked state and he took her into his home and gave her medication. He then apparently concluded she was beyond help and so released her, supposedly to her driver.

According to authorities, the woman’s body was found later near a burial site near a beach in Long Island, New York, where 10 other bodies were uncovered. The police believe the area was a serial killer dumping site. However, the police have stated the woman in this case died accidentally. The woman’s family contends she was murdered.

The suit doesn’t specifically say that the doctor killed the woman. Rather, it says his apparent negligence contributed to her death. The mother’s attorney states that the primary purpose of the suit is to compel the doctor to reveal information while under oath that could help solve the mystery of the death.

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