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Man gets burned by sunscreen, not sun

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2012 | Products Liability |

During the summer, many people make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen when they are outside. In Florida, the beaches are typically crowded with those trying to relax and get some sun without getting seriously burned. Protecting yourself from the sun is a good idea, but you shouldn’t have to use a dangerous product to do so.

Many people have started using aerosol sunscreen instead of the traditional rub-in lotion. It seems faster and easier to just spray it on and be done with it. However, one man recently learned that aerosol sunscreens may be hazardous to your health.

He had just sprayed a Banana Boat brand sunscreen on his chest, ears and back and went back to his grill. Suddenly, he was in intense pain and burning. It turns out, the sunscreen was flammable. He suffered serious second-degree burns on all the areas where he had applied the product.

Officials note that a warning on the product recommends that people do not spray the sunscreen on near fire or heat. However, there is nothing on the warning indicating that the product may still be flammable once it has been applied.

The company is investigating the incident, as nothing like this has been reported before. They believe that droplets from the aerosol spray may not have been fully absorbed yet and were still on the man’s skin and in the air when they caught fire.

So far, he has decided not to file a lawsuit against the company. However, he wants to make sure that people know the dangers associated with the aerosol sunscreen. Users should avoid a dangerous product so that they do not suffer injuries or burns. Hopefully, the makers of the sunscreen will update their warnings appropriately or make their product safer for people to apply.

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