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June 2012 Archives

Government adopts proposals to streamline immigration court cases

Immigration officials announced last year that they would review the huge backlog of cases in immigration court, at least in part, to reduce the backlog. That announcement was in relation to the policy of prosecutorial discretion, an issue previously covered here. Now government officials have adopted a series of ideas that aim to streamline the federal immigration court process.

Determining all the factors in a wrongful death

When a person is killed as a result of negligence, loved ones are often left with many questions. Most often, they want to know if something could have been done to prevent the accident in the first place. In situations that result in wrongful death, it is important to take into account all the factors that played a role in the tragedy.

Tragedy: Brother and sister killed in car accident

There is no way to overstate the devastation of losing a child unexpectedly. For one Florida family, they must deal with the death of not one, but two of their children. The two were involved in a car accident that also injured four other young people. In a car accident like this, it may be difficult for a family to hold their children's friend accountable, but it may be necessary.

Supreme Court hands down its ruling on Arizona's state immigration law

The United States Supreme Court handed down its long-awaited ruling on state immigration laws. People all across the country have been waiting for the ruling, including people in Florida. The Florida legislature considered several similar measures, especially last year. However, Florida lawmakers have not passed any similar measures. The high court upheld a portion of Arizona's state immigration law, while finding other parts unconstitutional under the doctrine of preemption.

Senate bill to make EB-5, E-Verify, other immigration programs permanent

Four United States immigration programs are scheduled to automatically end September 30 if Congress does not act. The four programs include the EB-5 investor visa program, the E-Verify program, Special Immigrant Nonminister Religious Worker Program and a specialty visa waiver program for doctors, known as the Conrad State 30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program.

Several kidney donors are victims of surgical mistakes

When a loved one is suffering, family members and friends may do anything they can to help alleviate the pain. In extreme and heroic cases, a loved one actually donates one of his or her own organs to save someone. In too many cases of kidney donations, however, these brave donors are making the ultimate sacrifice. Due to medical negligence, many have died after donation.

Pew Research says number of new immigrants from Asia exceeds Hispanic immigration

A report released Tuesday says that new immigration from Asian countries now outnumber the immigration of Hispanics. The Pew Research Center also says that recent Asian immigrants are three times more likely than any other foreign nationals to get permanent resident status through employment based visa processes rather than family sponsorship in immigration law.

Supporters angry over altered cruise safety bill

Injuries and accidents that happen offshore, on a cruise ship for example, fall under a different set of laws. Maritime laws include special provisions for workers and tourists who are suffer a maritime injury. Some of these laws can be quite complex, however, and many people are invested in understanding the letter of these laws, especially when they involve safety. Miami victims of cruise accidents or crimes are among those concerned with the transparency of onboard crime reporting.

Man gets burned by sunscreen, not sun

During the summer, many people make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen when they are outside. In Florida, the beaches are typically crowded with those trying to relax and get some sun without getting seriously burned. Protecting yourself from the sun is a good idea, but you shouldn't have to use a dangerous product to do so.

White House to announce policy to halt deportation for certain young immigrants

The White House reportedly is making an immigration policy change that will give many young undocumented immigrants essentially some of the benefits of the DREAM Act without waiting for the measure to make it through Congress.

Mother awarded $2 million for her son's wrongful death

It is true that time spent in prison is supposed to be a punishment. However, people in jail have the same right to life that everyone has. While the politics and culture of prison life may be significantly different, the law still applies. A person who participates in or allows a fatality to occur, no matter where, can still be held liable for a wrongful death in Florida.

Immigration reviews under fire from groups seeking immigration reform

The federal government recently announced that the review process in the roughly 300,000 backlogged deportation cases has resulted in fewer than 2 percent of deportation cases being closed under the review for whether or not the cases are appropriate for prosecutorial discretion. The government asserts that thousands more cases will be closed under the review process.

Woman killed in car accident at dangerous Florida intersection

A grandmother came to Florida to see her grandson graduate from high school last week. What should have been a joyful occasion turned into a serious tragedy when the woman was killed in a car accident. A number of factors are being cited as causes of the accident. Among them are a dangerous intersection and a young, unlicensed driver.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill consider Startup Act 2.0

While relatively few proposals that make their way into Congress seem to be associated with the term "bipartisan" in recent years, an immigration law reform measure has been introduced in both houses of Congress that reportedly has support from both sides of the aisle.

Florida Rep introduces DREAM Act alternative in U.S. House

A Representative from Southern Florida has introduced an alternative to the DREAM Act in the U.S. House. Representative David Rivera introduced the "Studying Towards Adjusted Residency Status Act" In the U.S. House last Wednesday. Many people in South Florida know that the DREAM Act generally proposes to create a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants who intend to pursue an education in the U.S. or serve in the military.

Doctors you may want to avoid in Florida

In the pursuit of safe and effective health care, many people in Florida have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to seeking out their best treatment options. However, because a lot of what we learn comes directly from doctors, many people ultimately put their trust in their physicians. Unfortunately, there are certain types of doctors who are more likely to commit catastrophic medical malpractice.

New detergent packaging is eye candy to kids

New laundry detergent capsules are brightly colored and exciting making them look a lot like a product designed to attract children: candy. However, the attraction is proving to be quite dangerous. The detergent makes children violently ill and could bring up product liability issues. Parents in Florida may want to pay close attention to claims that the product is attracting children and then making them unusually sick if ingested.

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