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President Obama’s uncle to defend against deportation

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2011 | Deportation and Removal |

The uncle of the President was pulled over on suspicion of DUI recently. During the traffic stop, the man reportedly told police he would like to call the white house to arrange bail. Then Immigration and Customs Enforcement stepped in and placed a hold on President Obama’s uncle.

The man is currently being held without bail on an ICE detainer. Court records reportedly indicate that the man has an outstanding deportation order dating from 1992. It remains unclear why a deportation order was issued in 1992, but the 67-year-old man reportedly intends to fight deportation in immigration court.

One federal official says the man was originally ordered to leave the country in 1989 under a voluntary departure. He never left the United States and appealed his case to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Reports now indicate he intends to fight deportation again.

Last year, the senior Obama’s sister, the President’s aunt, won asylum in an immigration case. She was living in South Boston, although she too had an outstanding deportation order. Just prior to the 2008 election, her immigration status reportedly was leaked to the media. Subsequently, she sought to have the outstanding deportation order overturned as she defended by seeking asylum.

The White House has made no comment on the current situation.

Source: Boston Globe, “Obama’s uncle set to fight deportation,” Maria Sacchetti and John R. Ellement, Sept. 1, 2011



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