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ICE releases man facing deportation, has six months to seek green card

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2011 | US Permanent Residency |

A father of three U.S. Citizens who came to the United States on a tourist visa 25-years ago has been given six months to fight for another opportunity to obtain his green card. The man was facing deportation to his home country of Poland when his family learned he would be released “on humanitarian grounds.

The man had originally entered the country in 1987. At the time his tourism visa expired, there was political unrest in his home country of Poland and the man stayed in this country. He started a family in 1994, with the birth of his first daughter. He now is the father of three and married to a woman from Poland who has permanent residency status. The man’s wife is expected to become a U.S. citizen in October.

In 1998, the man applied for a green card, but immigration officials denied his application and ordered him to leave the country on 2000. He remained, however, and continued to raise his three daughters while running his own business. Roughly three weeks ago, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents detained the man while he was on his way to work and held him for deportation.

The man hired an immigration attorney and enlisted the support of his U.S. Senator. ICE officials notified the man’s family Friday morning that he will be released from custody and will be allowed to live and work in the U.S. for six months. In the interim, the man hopes to have his immigration case re-opened as he again seeks his green card.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Monroe man will not be deported, can become U.S. citizen,” Aug. 12, 2011



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