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Driver fails to yield at right-of-way, causes two-car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2011 | Car Accidents |

A car accident can lead to a number of consequences, for both the person who caused the accident as well as the accident victims. In some instances, people can suffer serious physical injuries as a result of a crash.

Yesterday morning, a car accident occurred in Pensacola, Florida, when two vehicles crashed into one another. One car, driven by Alex King who had been in the news for his father’s murder back in 2001, did not yield when the other vehicle had the right-of-way. After the accident, King fled the scene.

Police found King nearby; he sustained only minor injuries. The male who was in the vehicle with him was not hurt in the crash. The driver of the other vehicle was also not injured. She had two children with her in the vehicle; one was brought to the local hospital to be treated for minor injuries while the other was not hurt.

King, who is currently on probation, was charged with fleeing the scene of an accident and violating a right-of-way. It is likely that he will be facing charges for violating his probation as well.

Though no one in this particular accident was seriously injured or killed, more families are losing loved ones as a result of fatal crashes. These crashes can be caused by drivers who are reckless or simply not paying attention.

Getting into an accident not only has physical and emotional consequences, but there are many financial implications as well. Even minor injuries can result in bills for medical treatment. Costs can be even greater if the accident was fatal.

Source: Pensacola News Journal online, “Alex King arrested for fleeing accident scene,” Thyrie Bland, 18 February 2011



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