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Update: Fatal Boat Accident Kills Millionaire Real Estate Mogul

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2010 | Car Accidents |

The terrible boating accident that occurred a few days ago shocked the boating community, sometimes described as a tight-knit family. If you recall, on Monday two boats each approximately 45 feet long collided off the coast of Miami, Florida. Two men were killed and two injured.

Authorities have identified the men who were killed, one of whom was millionaire Steven Posner. They have also pieced together the events that led up to the fatal collision.

The two boats were racing catamarans that are known for their capability to travel at extremely high speeds. According to witness accounts, Posner and his friend were driving alongside the other boat when Posner’s boat crashed into the other boat. Both vessels were believed to be traveling at approximately 85 miles per hour when the accident occurred.

Both men who died were aboard Posner’s boat; the third man suffered injuries and was airlifted to the hospital. It is unclear how many individuals were aboard the other catamaran, but the driver was injured and also hospitalized.

There is nothing to suggest that there was anything mechanically wrong with the boat that could have caused the collision. But one big question is whether Posner was driving his boat recklessly through the waters. Catamarans can travel at up to 100 miles per hour; if the driver is not extremely cautious when operating the boat at such high speeds, collisions are a possibility.

Even in this situation, authorities have reason to believe that the two boats were actually racing one another. A collision at that great of speed can be disastrous. Even car accidents that involve speeds that high can be deadly. On a boat, it could be worse because there is no metal structure to protect the vehicle’s passengers.

This tragedy is just another reminder that accidents can happen to anyone. It is important to be aware of how your actions could affect your own life and the lives of others.

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