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Disney Bus Driver Hits Out-of-State Vacationer, Killing Him

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2010 | Wrongful Death |

Families from all over the country visit Florida for many reasons. But one attraction that people flock to is Disney World. With multiple resorts and famous theme parks, Disney World has been described as a place to make magical memories for children and adults alike.

But a fatal accident occurred earlier this past weekend at the Walt Disney Port Orleans resort when a man was hit by a resort bus in the parking lot. He later died at the hospital. There is no information in the article regarding why the man was at Disney World, but it is likely that he was spending time there with loved ones.

Florida Highway Patrol confirms that there were no other injuries reported by either the bus driver or the bus passengers. Witnesses say that the man had been by himself, walking through the parking lot. He walked in front of the bus and was hit.

At the time the article was written, an investigation was still ongoing to determine if any charges would be filed against the driver or the resort. According to the investigators, the bus had the right-of-way at the time of the accident. Additionally, the man had not been walking in a crosswalk.

Earlier this year, another fatal accident involving a Disney bus killed a little boy. He had been on his bike when he was struck. In that incident, investigators determined that the accident happened because the boy’s bike had flat tires.

The family of the man who was killed is no doubt grieving their sudden and unexpected loss. They are probably wondering whether the accident could have been prevented. Only when the investigation is complete will they get some answers.

Source: Orlando Sentinel online, “Massachusetts man dies after walking in front of Disney bus at Port Orleans resort,” Susan Jacobson, 27 December 2010



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