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Woman Sustains Injury on Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2010 | Cruise Ship Injuries |

For one soon-to-be married couple, a cruise and destination wedding probably seemed like a great idea. But they, along with 3200 or so other passengers soon became national news when their cruise ship was stuck at sea for three days.

The cruise ship was supposed to set sail for a trip to the Mexican Riviera. But an incident in the engine room shut the ship’s power down, including any ship-to-shore communication. While most of the passengers walked back onto land last week with only fatigue and hunger, one passenger sustained shoulder injuries as a result of an accident on the boat.

The cruise line representatives had previously stated that there had been no passenger injuries. However, one passenger suffered from a pre-existing condition and the other slipped and fell on the ship. There were also two passengers arrested on the ship for previous warrants.

While the ship was stranded on the ocean, its passengers had to deal with clogged toilets, no electricity, and limited food rations. The U.S. Navy had to deliver food supplies that included Pop Tarts, Spam, and other non-perishables. Imagine all of the things that could have gone wrong offshore that didn’t. Many of the passengers merely complained of the smell and discomfort during those three days.

At this point, it is unclear whether the woman who slipped and fell sustained a serious injury. If it was, she may have a claim against the cruise ship line for an injury sustained offshore on one of their vessels. Though the cruise ship had been out of power, if the workers were negligent in making sure its passengers weren’t injured, they may be liable for her injuries and any costs related to that injury.


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