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Fatal Florida Train Accident Kills Woman and Injures Child

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2010 | Wrongful Death |

A typical Saturday morning turned into a nightmare for several people who witnessed a tragic train accident in Daytona Beach, FL. A woman and a child were hit by a freight train. The woman died at the scene of the accident, but the injured child was taken to a local medical center.

As the investigation continues, the Florida East Coast Railway is sorting through several eyewitness accounts that are giving inconsistent testimonies about the incident. However those who saw what happened all wondered why the woman did not hear the train fast approaching.

A witness on the east side of the railroad tracks saw the woman and a child walking on the tracks before they were struck. However those who had been on the west side of the tracks told officers and investigators that the woman and the little girl were with a man at the time. According to their stories, the man and the woman seemed to have a disagreement and the man was walking away. Some saw the woman push the little girl to safety but was hit by the train herself.

A fatal accident like this one can leave a mess in its wake. For the woman’s family, they are dealing with the grief and sadness that comes when a family member dies. But what only intensifies their pain is the fact that the accident could have been prevented. They are no doubt wondering whether the train could have stopped before hitting the woman or if there should have been more security measures to prevent the woman from being around the train tracks in the first place.

In addition to coping with unanswered questions, the woman’s family may be facing financial struggles. Her wrongful death may have taken away their primary provider. If so, her family no longer has the ability to financial support them, only adding to the stress of the situation. Families of loved ones who have died in accidents are often entitled to compensation that can lift some of the financial burdens a family may face. It will not take away their suffering but it will help decrease some of the stress.

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