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Speeding and traffic collision data

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Traffic collisions happen for countless reasons, such as intoxicated driving, inclement weather, distracted driving and traffic congestion. High speeds play a role in many crashes, and it is essential for drivers to realize that speeding can increase the severity of injuries if an accident occurs. Sadly, many people lose their lives in speed-related accidents as well.

Drivers should go over statistics on speeding and motor vehicle collisions in order to recognize the scope of this serious problem.

Statistics show the consequences of speeding

According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speed-related accidents led to more than 308,000 people suffering injuries in 2020, based on their estimates. In fact, these crashes accounted for 13% of all traffic accident injury victims over the course of 2020.

Data also shows that 11,258 people lost their lives in accidents that involved speeding over the course of 2020, making up 29% of all traffic crash deaths that year.

Risk factors related to speeding

Drivers go too fast for many reasons. For example, some people struggle with road rage or behave aggressively behind the wheel due to challenges in their personal lives. Speeding accidents can also occur when someone drives too fast because they are late for work or have an important meeting to attend. Racing and trying to show off can also lead to a speed-related accident.

There is no excuse for speeding, and drivers who cause traffic accidents resulting in injuries or deaths because of their reckless behavior must face consequences for their actions.



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