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How can a car accident change someone’s personality?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Physical health is usually the initial concern for an injured person after a car accident. However, the mental and psychological aftereffects of the collision can create additional problems.

For example, brain injuries cause three-quarters of sufferers to feel like a different person. Car accident survivors should be aware of possible personality changes and the consequences of this type of injury.

Cognitive struggles

After a motor vehicle accident, a person may have difficulty with memory, attention, concentration and communication due to a traumatic brain injury. Even reasoning, judgment and decision-making can decrease.

These issues can cause a person to become restless and have difficulty finishing simple tasks. Normal conversations can become challenging as well.

Emotional changes

Brain injuries do more than affect a person’s ability to process information. A person who was once jovial may become irritable or cope with depression. Others begin to experience social anxiety after an accident. Mood swings can be another side effect.

If the accident caused disfigurement or other severe injuries, a person might deal with depression due to changed circumstances. An individual may also change one’s perspective on life if the accident or injuries are life-threatening.

Consequences of a personality change

A change in cognitive function and personality can alter or end relationships. Others who deal with personality changes may not be able to perform the same tasks as before and could lose gainful employment.

An accident can cause invisible injuries that create enduring consequences and change the course of a person’s life. For this reason, courts and insurers may offer substantial compensation for these damages.



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