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When can medical negligence lead to a lifelong disability?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

When you require medical treatment, the possibility of negligence or malpractice can be utterly frightening. You can file a claim if healthcare professionals do exhibit irresponsible behavior, but you and your family are the ones who will likely have to live with the medical consequences.

Negligence in the healthcare space can lead to wrongful death on rare occasions, but the possibility of causing a lifelong disability is a more likely concern. Learning more about how malpractice can lead to a disability can help you build a strong legal case if you become the victim of medical negligence.


An incorrect or delayed diagnosis can give an untreated condition time to worsen. The implication of this is that the condition can permanently damage the body or possibly necessitate an amputation. Misdiagnoses can also lead to serious issues regarding medication and prescription.

Surgical errors

Surgery is always delicate, but patients often have no choice but to trust that their surgeon will treat them with utmost attentiveness. Unfortunately, negligence can result in damaged nerves or organs during sensitive procedures.

Birth injuries

Babies are susceptible to injuries before and during birth. Certain types of trauma can give way to physical or developmental disabilities that might stay with your child for life. Common birth injuries can result from improper use of delivery instruments or delaying a necessary c-section, among other examples of negligence.

When medical negligence occurs, the best-case scenario is that you recover the compensation you deserve and seek proper treatment. Even if malpractice leads to a lifelong disability, it is important to not give up on seeking justice.



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