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Why are healthy kidneys important?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

A misdiagnosis of kidney disease means you do not receive the treatment you need to help correct the issue. It can lead to serious effects on your body, which can be potentially fatal.

It can help to understand why healthy kidneys are important if you want to see why misdiagnosis is such a critical problem.


The National Kidney Foundation explains the main function of your kidneys is to remove waste from the body. They also get rid of excess water and ensure a balance of chemicals within your system. The kidneys excrete hormones to assist other organs as well.

The kidneys work by using nephrons, which are blood vessel filters. The nephrons remove any waste as your blood and other fluids pass by them. They help to create urine, which then goes into your bladder for excretion.


Healthy kidneys will ensure your body is not holding onto harmful waste. They will also help to control how your body produces red blood cells and also assist with blood pressure regulation. These organs produce vitamin D to help with bone health, too. Kidneys working properly will remove drugs from your body and ensure the right balance of fluids.

When working properly, they are part of the overall balance needed within your body to keep you healthy and prevent excessive wear on other organs. Unhealthy kidneys require treatment as soon as possible to avoid additional health problems and potential kidney failure. A missed diagnosis or improper diagnosis can set your treatment back and allow time for an issue to get worse.



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