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What are the most common reasons for rejected applications?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Immigration |

When working to pursue permanent lawful status in the country, there are several different avenues you can pursue. If you have a U.S. citizen as a spouse, a marriage green card serves as one of those options.

However, it is possible to end up with a denied application. When facing such a situation, it is important to understand why and how you ended up with this denial before moving forward.

Hurdles via establishing marriage

The Department of Homeland Security examines marriage green card applications. The first is a failure to establish an authentic marriage. Several factors can get in the way of doing this, such as a divorce to a different spouse not getting finalized before your current marriage or not getting recognized in the country it happened in. Another possibility is if the country in which your marriage happened does not officially recognize the marriage.

Next is a lack of finances. Your spouse must have the financial means to support his or herself, as well as you. They prove this through federal tax forms and pay stubs, and if they cannot prove they have the ability to do this, your application will end up denied.

Errors and ineligibilities

Errors on the application itself serve as the biggest potential reason for denial. This can include anything from forgetting to sign certain areas, using incorrect information or not attaching the right kind of photo.

Finally, you may go up against general ineligibilities for a green card. For example, getting into the country by tourist visa and applying for your green card 60 days after that can result in a denial. You must prove you had no intention of applying for your green card before entry first. Due to the complexities of this situation, you may benefit from the aid of legal help as you work your way through.



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