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The common mistakes people make in immigration matters

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Immigration |

You and your family have a lot riding on this. With immigration matters at the forefront, you want to make sure everything is properly done in order to remain in the U.S. and start new lives. Reuniting with the entire family in a new country is something you have sought for a few years now.

But you must remember that it is crucial to follow strict U.S. immigration guidelines toward ensuring that this reunification occurs. Avoiding mistakes along the way is a necessity. Many people who apply for visas or address other immigration matters, sometimes, overlook required details.

Fill out forms, get competent guidance

Many common mistakes surface in immigration matters. They include:

  • Forgetting forms/neglecting to send all necessary paperwork: Many forms must be completed. Besides submitting the applications, you should provide supporting evidence. Also, retain all documents you send to immigration. Finally, when you send the documents, do so with proof of filing, which is important when a case includes approval deadlines.
  • Submitting incorrect payment for the filing fee: Nearly every immigration document requires a filing fee. Please double-check the filing fees before sending and make sure to include the correct amount.
  • Providing documents without translations: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services required submitted documents with an English translation. These documents also must include a certification that your translator is competent.
  • Failing to sign the documents: All forms require signatures in the proper locations. These would include signings by the applicant, translator and attorney.
  • Comparing your immigration case with someone else’s case: Every immigration case is unique as each situation has different circumstances. But remember that immigration law focuses on facts, and the facts of your case are different from a friend or relative’s case.
  • Becoming the victim of a scam: Be careful with the individuals or sources with whom you are receiving assistance. Misinformation is common on the internet, and so are scammers ready to take advantage of you and provide unreliable advice.
  • Relying on a notario/notary public: While they may appear helpful on the surface, they cannot represent you in court. They are not attorneys. You even may not save money hiring a notario. And be careful, because sometimes notarios dupe people by promising more than they can provide.
  • Failing to get the right legal help: Immigration law is complicated and requires the attention of a skilled, competent and experienced immigration attorney.

Be thorough and get the right legal assistance regarding immigration-related matters. In time, you will get the family reunion you long desired.



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