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USCIS processing immigration services at slow pace

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | US Immigration Law |

Many Miami residents are currently living in the country as immigrants. Many of these immigrants are in the process of putting together the necessary paperwork to remain in the U.S. as a citizen. A recent analysis of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is showing that they have a record backlog of immigration cases which are being processed at a slow rate.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association has come out with a report that states that the backlog of immigration cases that are being processed by the USCIS is at a crisis level. The association states that in 2014 the average immigration case took just under five months to process. But, in 2018, the average immigration case took over nine months to process, which is a 91 percent increase. The association states that the USCIS is processing the forms much more slowly despite there not being an increase in immigration cases. There is currently an estimate of a backlog of 2.3 million cases, which is the highest number on record. The American Immigration Lawyers Association is advising the USCIS to be more transparent with their processes and for more congressional oversight.

Those who are in the process of obtaining a visa or green card, or have another other immigration issue, understand how frustrating the process can be. Yet, it is important and necessary for them to obtain the legal documents necessary to stay in the U.S.

Living and working in the United States is a great privilege for many people. Immigration issues can be complicated and take months to work through. Getting the right information about the process is crucial.



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