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On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Employment Immigration |

Many talented workers in Florida are from another country. These workers are critical in the manufacturing, corporate, medical and other areas of employment across the state. But, occasionally immigration legal issues get in the way and cause an employee to need our assistance.

There are several different types of visas that a professional worker can apply for when they come to work in the United States. There are immigrant petitions and nonimmigrant petitions based on whether a worker is here temporarily or permanently. These petitions are based on a person’s background and what career they will be engaged in in the US.

For example, an EB-1 category includes those who are outstanding professors and managers. These individuals can petition for permanent residency without having to go through a labor certification process. While an EB-3 category is for those who have a job offer and a potential employer must complete the labor certification process. Temporary visas can include the H-1B which is for professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Each employee is unique and may qualify for different visas. Our law firm has decades of experience helping both employees and employers by addressing their concerns and alerting them to issues they may not be aware of. We have experience working with individuals from dozens of countries and have even authored a book regarding immigration law. We want to help talented individuals and businesses come to the United States to work, start a business, expand their business operations, or other employment matters. We ensure compliance with the complex immigration laws of the U.S. as well.

Immigration law and employment law can be complicated. With the dozens of visas available for those coming to the U.S., having our law firm on our side can be an asset for any individual or company.



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