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Thinking of immigrating extended family to Florida, we can help

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2016 | Family Immigration |

When loves ones live overseas, it can be very hard seeing them only once or a few times a year. The American dream is still alive and well, but that doesn’t mean those who seek it do not have to make sacrifices. One of the sacrifices people often make after immigrating to America is the distance from beloved family members. Now that one is established in Miami, it may be time to think about beginning the immigration process for loves ones located in other countries.

There are many different types of petitions to seek depending on the family relation one has with a loved one who is thinking of immigrating to America. Depending on the family connection — son, mother or husband, for example — in relation to the American citizen, there are different preferences certain family members have over others. This can dictate how one seeks out the immigration process. At Kurzban Kurzban Weinger Tetzeli & Pratt P.A., our dedicated staff has years of experience aiding the family immigration process.

People may or may not have immigrated to America themselves. So this could be a familiar or completely unfamiliar process. Regardless of their experience, we are here to guide people through it, despite their personal experience with the family immigration process. Just glancing at all the necessary papers and proof for seeking immigration for a loved one can be intimidated. People should not allow the initial complexities of immigration to hold them back from being reunited with loved ones.

Since people are officially an American citizen, they have rights that every American enjoys. Some of those rights give their family members precedence over other non-related people seeking immigration status. People should use this to their advantage. Miami is a great place for families to reunite.



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