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June 2016 Archives

Supreme Court immigration deadlock kills hope for many in Florida

Last week's U.S. Supreme Court tie vote on a case involving President Obama's immigration plan was a severe disappointment for Florida's immigrant community. The 4-4 deadlock left undisturbed a ruling from a federal appeals court that shut down two of the President's programs, Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA, and the extension of a similar program, DACA, which protected immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. The programs would have affected millions of immigrants who lack legal status.

What auto insurance coverage is required in Florida?

The State of Florida requires certain minimum insurance coverages be in place before a vehicle can be registered and license plates issued. Most Florida drivers are aware of this, but may be unclear as to the exact coverages required, and their purpose.

Helping families of immigrants reunite in Florida

For many immigrants who have successfully started a new life in Florida, helping family members join them in the U.S. is a high priority. U.S. immigration law provides a process for family members of American citizens and permanent residents to obtain a visa, reunite with family members here and begin the journey to U.S. citizenship.

Florida senator questions U.S. immigration law favoring Cubans

For many years, due to Cold War politics, Cuban immigrants have enjoyed significant advantages over immigrants from other countries. Unlike other immigrants, Cubans who make it to U.S. soil have an automatic right to enter the country. They can apply for a green card after being in the U.S. for one year and a day.

Fatal car crash claims life of elderly Florida man

Florida drivers who are obeying the rules of the road and are simply going about their business can still be affected by a car crash and its aftermath. Unfortunately, in some of these accidents, the impact can be so severe that it leads to a fatality. The family of the person who died will not only have to face the loss of a loved one on a personal basis, but there are ancillary issues that accompany any wrongful death that must be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to pursue a legal filing seeking damages.

Is there a visa for foreigners' training programs in the U.S.?

While there are many immigrants who want to come to Miami and other locations throughout the United States to live and work, there are also foreign nationals who receive an invitation to take part in training programs offered in the U.S. These people are known as H-3 trainees. Some might be confused as to the legality of a situation such as this and therefore do not understand how it works. An H-3 trainee is required to have been invited by an organization, a business or an individual. The training they will receive must not be available in the home country of the person.

Wrongful death suit filed against Coney Island Hospital

Hospitals are meant to be safe places; institutions of healing and trust. However, there are some instances in which that trust is broken. While there is little reason to expect these occurrences (and also little reason to assume malicious intent), these types of mistakes can cause irreparable damage to the lives of those they affect. A recent incident in New York illustrates this point.

How can my foreign fiancée move to the US to marry?

In our global community, relationships can develop in many situations, and often span time and distance. In some cases, romantic connections can happen across borders, between people of different nationalities. Many Americans travel for pleasure, study abroad or work for globally-connected companies. Thus, meeting someone and falling in love is not at all uncommon.

High speed alleged in fatal Miami-Dade collision

When a loved one is killed in a fatal accident, it is always devastating for those left behind. A recent accident in Miami-Dade was particularly tragic: three family members on their way to dinner were killed, including a man who left behind a woman he was going to marry.

There are many possible reasons for denial of a U.S. visa

Before entering the United States, a non-U.S. traveler must have a visa. Whether the traveler is seeking to immigrate to the U.S. or simply intends to visit the country on a tourist visa, they must go through the visa application process.

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Our firm is a recognized leader in immigration law and litigation. We handle the spectrum from family and employment-based visas to deportation defense and immigration appeals. Founding partner Ira Kurzban authored the Immigration Law Sourcebook, widely used by immigration lawyers, judges and government officials as the authoritative field reference.

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